Real Hard Work

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

You might have noticed this past week that we’re being asked to work really hard! And, that the work is making things real in the world, and making each of us real in new ways! Mars is approaching Saturn in Capricorn, and will continue to drawn nearer this coming week. So, give these two work horses something big to do, each day! Hard work is good, and good for us. We become more real in the process.

Mercury is still retrograde in Aries for a couple more weeks, so there’s definitely some re-approaching and dealing with the​ fallout or shifting the energy​ around prior impulsive blurtings. We want and need to assert ourselves. The trick is to do this less from push and rebellion and more from embodied strength and knowing.

Mercury will be joining the Sun at the time of the Libra Full Moon, with everybody squaring the Mars/Saturn conjunction. At this same moment, we return to the Skywalker wave, in this year that began in the Skywalker wave. In a very grounded and practical sense, we are living and journeying in more dimensions, and thus refining our experience of reality. Don’t get caught in relational drama. Learn to be truly respectful, of yourself and others, in interactions. Continue to take action to do the work of making real. What will begin to manifest from this work will start to appear the week after next…

Before dawn, bright white Jupiter is in the southeast, and reddish Mars is getting closer and closer to yellowish Saturn lower in the east southeast (heading for a rendezvous atop the Teapot of the constellation Sagittarius). Venus is rising higher and higher in the west after sunset! So gorgeous.

Hear so much more in my Moon 9 podcast.

Happy Working Really Hard,


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