Deep Breath… and Exhale

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We ring in the Gregorian New Year tonight by the light of the giant glitter-ball nearly Full Moon, watching it reach the heights at the mid of night then slowly drop. Astrologically, the Moon is in Gemini tonight (until just after midnight on the West coast), but will reach fullness tomorrow night in Cancer. ​And so, a moonlit start to 2018, with chatty social interest tonight followed by snuggling up at home tomorrow. 

Venus and the Sun are dancing cheek to cheek in Capricorn as they light up this fulling Moon. Love is serious business! Our sense of self and deservingness of love is being transformed by the joining of the Sun & Venus as they walk together to meet up with Pluto in Capricorn a week from now. Exhale unworthiness. ​Stand with confidence in your own authority, and devote yourself to the longevity and endurance of living as love.​

To the east (and south a bit) before dawn, you can see bright white Jupiter & reddish Mars shining with Zubenelgenubi (the claw of the Scorpion​). Astrologically, they’re conjunct in Scorpio (exact next weekend). Breathe in and integrate this moment of embodied potency​, expanding our power and reach​ as we fearlessly journey the deep.

We’re in the​ Wind wave now, so listen for guidance from spirit and the ancestors. New Year divinations and declarations are advisable. What we speak and sing has power! 

My Ancestor Tracking course is about to begin. Join us, and become a being with ancestors. Learn to use Ancestry(.)com to track and connect with your ancestors and build your family tree!

Hear the spoken story in my (free) Moon 6 podcast.

Happy Breathing, Singing, and Speaking,



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