Call #12 ~ Converse with the Universe

Let’s converse!

This is a place to share what you’re​ noticing, experiencing, and learning from the call or listening to the​ recording, and in conversation with life as the month unfolds…

What are you noticing?
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Converse with the Universe ~ A Monthly Call to Live Amazingly
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One Response to Call #12 ~ Converse with the Universe

  1. Anna July 13, 2018 at 2:14 pm #

    Hello Youniverse! And happy July 13, 2018. One year later and I am inside of love with the fruition of our conversation. Fruition? Throughition? The Sound! It is amazing to listen to call 12 today, to witness it resound. I hear us having learned the vocabulary & the language with which to converse, feeling that the home-iverse is alive and filled with Persons also at home and stopping at the table to converse and break bread, adoring and acknowledging what is manifest, and then each joyously sounding and bounding forward into the turning of time, in conversation with the universe as the universe and portals of the universe’s sound. Omg we made a beautiful portal of learning how to converse. Thank you so so much, thank all.

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