Call #13 ~ Converse with the Universe

Greetings Converser!

Now that our series of 12 calls is complete, the Universe has revealed that the 13th call is a big long slow wave of our revisiting the 12 calls over the course of the coming year, or in whatever timing speaks to you!

This is a place to share what you’re​ noticing, experiencing, and learning from the unfolding of the 13th call, and in conversation with life as it unfolds…

What are you noticing?
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3 Responses to Call #13 ~ Converse with the Universe

  1. Annaverse May 24, 2018 at 4:14 pm #

    Hello Dear Universe!
    Two days ago, I felt the versing turn my way and call, and so I opted to visit the conversation we were having a year ago at this time. And joy to find it was the Sequencing conversation. I found it was helpful again to honor the sequence of late and the longer term sequencing. Tracking, remembering, honoring the becoming of now made more available a sense of belonging in this Now, and I am grateful for that. Currently we are well well into moon 11, and the dying to who I’ve been is in full effect, the dissolving of the shape of the last vessel of ‘valid’ is pretty well dissolved, spring clearing on the land is at a completion point, and the dust is settling on all these fronts. The 5 Pearls prayer was like a soundtrack to the dust settling. I rewound and listened to it multiple times. I find there’s a washing that happens in that sequence, a cleaning, of the noise between the stars of sequence. Noise cleaned, I’m more able to re-view and adore the sequence, and find it natural.
    Funny enough a light rain began again as Li started the sequence, as there had been here a year ago when first we conversed it (no chromati-bow this time tho!). Spring is spring is spring! I hear the song in my head today, slow as it is, and notice a feeling of meeting the now in peace. Another notice – is the string of pearls- last year speaking the 5 pearls sequence, and this year and moon dosing with the 3 pearl essence~ hmmmm, pearls…what are pearls all about…? Best wishes to allll-a-verse!

    • Li May 30, 2018 at 8:37 am #

      Greetings Anna-verse! Deep bowing thank you for your continual return to the conversation!! 3 Pearls distilled from the 5 Pearls, Moon Pearls, sequencer extraordinaire…


  2. Anna July 13, 2018 at 3:28 pm #

    (moved from comments in call twelve to the resounding call 13’s comments!)

    Hello Youniverse! And happy July 13, 2018. One year later and I am inside of love with the fruition of our conversation. Fruition? Throughition? The Sound! It is amazing to listen to call 12 today, to witness it resound. I hear us having learned the vocabulary & the language with which to converse, feeling that the home-iverse is alive and filled with Persons also at home and stopping at the table to converse and break bread, adoring and acknowledging what is manifest, and then each joyously sounding and bounding forward into the turning of time, in conversation with the universe as the universe and portals of the universe’s sound. Omg we made a beautiful portal of learning how to converse. Thank you so so much, thank all.

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