Tangible Humility Arising

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight, we traverse the threshold of worlds by the light of the Full Moon in Capricorn with Pluto. This is tangible, deep transformation territory. This is taking ourselves seriously, having some dignity along with our humility, dying to who we’ve been, and welcoming the arising of who we’re becoming territory.

Hear more on the story of these times in my Moon 13 Audio Calendar Podcast.

What we learn and become will carry us into the Skywalker wave, which begins next Saturday, and will be the wave that carries us into the July 26th New Year. A whole new story is about to be lived. It’s a cosmic seeding kind of a story, and the more grounded and tangible we can become now, the more capable we’ll be to Skywalk with grace in the time to come!

Perhaps you’d like to enter the Skywalking by actually Skywalking! Join me and a gaggle of stargazers under the night sky next Saturday evening, just​ outside of Sebastopol. There’s room for a few more vehicles. Sign Up Here for Summer Stargazing Intensive. Yes, we will be dosing!

Happy Traversing the Threshold,

Stargazer Li

p.s. I’ve finished writing and printing calendar for the July 26th next year! It bound this week and then ready to send out. Here’s a Skywalker Seeding Integration Year Calendar pre-order link,
for those you who are eager to have it in your hands, hopefully by the start of the Skywalker wave next weekend.

Upcoming Stargazing Opportunities:
Sebastopol Summer Stargazing Intensive – July 15th
Lake Sonoma Stargazing Campout – July 26th
Point Arena All Night Stargazing – July 29th
Sebastopol All Night Stargazing – September 23rd
An Evening of Stargazing (kids welcome) – October 14th


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