Converse with the Universe

This is a Monthly Call to Live Amazingly, inviting us into deeper conversation with the universe, with our selves, with each other, and with life.

These calls go beyond the podcast, into living the learning as it unfolds. We’re developing our VERSAtility, our eloquence and capacity to carry on a conversation with the universe through meaning making, divination, listening, energetic awareness, and embodied presence!

For those who want more… and are willing to show up and engage MORE!


This invitation arrives in the form of:


Ongoing Monthly Group Calls, on Thursday Evenings 6-7:30pm (Pacific time):

  • Aug 25th
  • Sept 22nd
  • Oct 20th
  • Nov 17th
  • Dec 15th
  • Jan 19th
  • and so on…

Everyone who signs up before the Sept call receives the Aug recording too.


Emailed Links to the Call Recordings for Listening and Download
So, be on the call and or listen in your own way and timing…


Discussion & Resources Following the Calls
As the conversation develops, you’ll find posts on my blog containing handouts, book recommendations, and other resources that arise in the conversation, as well as a place for continuing the conversation.


Let’s converse!


Sign Up Here

$20 per month, ongoing

Monthly auto-renewal. You can cancel any time.