Cosmic Relatedness

Greetings Keeper of Time,

In the early evenings this coming week, toward the southwest you can watch brightly shining and reddish Mars move between Saturn above and the star Antares the heart of the Scorpion, “Dude that’s not Mars!” below. As the weekend approaches and arrives, you can glimpse Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury together low in the west just after sunset as the gloaming is turning toward dark.

This is the visual dance that escorts us into Moon 2 ~ the Moon of Relatedness & Challenge ~ which begins on Tuesday. We’re being invited into a more cosmic flowing, non-dual or binary, experience of relatedness, in which we’re very solidly embodied in meeting the potent energies, even as we expand into loving the beauty and being able to converse with greater eloquence.

On Monday, the very last day of the Moon of Purpose for this year, Mars in Sagittarius moves into new territory for the first time since February! The arrowwe’ve been pulling back, can now be released to carry and guide us into what’s to come. Impetus can get us going now, after seemingly being held back for a looooong time. And yet, you can see in the sky that Mars is with Saturn, so it’s not about rushing after it (which hopefully we’ve learned over these many months), it’s about slowly and tangibly and maturely following guidance, in a very embodied way.
Have you noticed the hints of newness beginning the past week, and stronger even today (and I’m willing to bet, tomorrow)? I know I’ve had several new offerings that have been brewing for months but the time was just not right, yet… And now, one of them is ready to be shared, of course!

Converse with the Universe ~ A Monthly Call to Live Amazingly
inviting us into deeper conversation with the universe, with our selves, with each other, and with life. These calls will go beyond the podcast, into living the learning as it unfolds. We’ll be developing our VERSAtility, our eloquence and capacity to carry on a conversation with the universe through meaning making, divination, listening, energetic awareness, and embodied presence. The first call is this Thursday August 25th. Let’s converse!

By the way, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo on August 30th! This week and next weekend are good times to backup everything and get things ordered… So, it won’t be all forward motion. This new way of being in action that will slowly be emerging will require us to rethink our approach, and be more articulate in relatedness. That’s the challenge!

And all this is the mellow part of Moon 2, the Moon of Relatedness and Challenge that begins on Tuesday! Starting in early September, over a few weeks we’ll see very potent eclipses, astrological alignments, and the wave of Birthing A new Relatedness approach… 

Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast
Hear the themes for Moon 2, one of the biggies of this year!

Happy Very Active Cosmic Relatedness,

Stargazer Li

Converse with the Universe ~ A Monthly Call to Live Amazingly 
The first call is this Thursday August 25th

Reading Your Cosmic Map ~ An Astrological Adventure
A New Round begins in September! Join us…

The Moon Storm Liberations Year Calendar is Available!
A printed calendar for viewing as you listen to the podcasts for this year.

Stargazing Events
All Night Stargazing ~ Oct 29th ~ NEW Date
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