Let it Go

Greetings Keeper of Time,
Tonight, look high in the south for the Moon with Jupiter. As the evening progresses, the Scorpion constellation will rise in the southeast, with bright red Mars sitting on the left shoulder (three stars in a row are the head and shoulders) and bright yellowish Saturn riding the heart (three stars perpendicular to the head and shoulders, with the middle star the bright red heart, Antares, “Dude, that’s not Mars.”).
Watch Mars get brighter and brighter over this week, peaking in luminosity when it’s in opposition to the Sun next weekend, with the Full Moon nearby (Saturday night, 5/21). That will be a special weekend to see this planets and stars story!!
Mixed messages anyone? Such a time these past couple of weeks…
With lots of retrograde planets (Mars & Saturn, and Mercury for another week), there’s no impetus to move on (and a distinct sense of being held back), so it’s been best, and continues to be best for another month and a half, to take care of the backlog, catch up on things, and clear out the closets. Well into summer will be the time for breaking new ground. For now, this is a chance to shift how we approach and do what we do. Let it go, let it go, let it go…
Also in the mix, astrologically, has been a flowing Grand Earth Trine, with the tensions and challenges of a Mutable T-square involving Mars and Saturn as well as Jupiter and Neptune (which becomes a Grand Cross with the addition of Venus in a week). Push and pull, tension and flow. The trick with all this is not to fight it! Attend to what’s calling to be taken care of, rest a lot, and trust life. We don’t need to be managing and directing ourselves in every moment, nor do we always need to be moving forward… 
There’s a lot going on, and I say so much more about this all in the Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast.  Take a listen… 
Oh, and did I mention that we’re in the growthful transformations of the Seed wave and the midst of a string of portal days, in the Moon of Liberation? Feel your connection with the all-that-is in this fertile time. What ways of being are we releasing by being held back now that can become fruitful new ways of living when the time is ripe?

Happy Liberating,

Stargazer Li


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