Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast


Welcome to Moon 11 ~ the Moon of Liberation ~ in this Serpent Wizards Manifesting year.

May 2nd through May 29th 2016

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Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast

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2 Responses to Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast

  1. Celeste May 14, 2016 at 2:09 pm #

    Hello Stargazer Li,
    Thank you for your work.
    Question: How do the divestments of Venus correspond to the “seven bodies of man” found in Hermetic Astrology? Are the stages each associated with different aspects (positive/negative) of the chakras?
    “After this first divestment, the soul begins its ascension. Soaring upward through the armature of spheres, it casts off at each station the passion assumed there in the course of its descent: at the 1st station (Moon), the faculty of increase and decrease; at the 2nd (Mercury), malice and cunning; at the 3rd (Venus), the illusion of desire; at the 4th (Sun), the passion for command; at the 5th (Mars), audacity and temerity; at the 6th (Jupiter), the lust for wealth; at the 7th (Saturn), the falsehood that ensnares.”

    • Li July 24, 2016 at 2:38 pm #

      Greetings Celeste,

      Your question slipped by me, but perhaps now the Venus is just emerging from the under the world it was ready and showed itself to me!

      The vestments and divestments are associated with Venus and each pass of the Moon. The vestments come when Venus is the Evening Star and has emerged from the undertheworld and they move through the chakras from root to crown each conferring a blessing upon that associated capacity. The divestments come when Venus is the Morning Star and move from crown to root, with each a relinquishing of the having or needing a physical prop or protection from that chakra and thus inviting our capacity to stand naked in that way.

      That’s what I know on the subject…

      Be well,


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