Embodying Liberation

Greetings Keeper of Time,

After a reflective and interestingly-Mirroring couple weeks of Mars retrograde, and doing our best to simply be here meeting what is without pushing forward based on our need for an agenda or particular outcome, we come to the eve of Mercury getting in on the retrograde fun!

Tomorrow, Mercury in Taurus goes retrograde until May 22nd. This is a time for turning our thoughts and attention to food, walks, moveable things that we want or possess, and the sensual pleasures of embodiment. It’s not a time for forward thinking, fast paced, communications. Let yourself be a little slower and more earthy for a while! There’s nowhere to get to…

The other thing happening tomorrow into Friday is what I call the crossover moment, the moment of transformation, as we enter the Monkey wave. There’s something that began in late December around how we meet the world beyond ourselves, that we’ve been dancing and being danced by, that’s begun, been refined, and is now ready to transform us! The Monkey dances us into Moon 11, the Moon of Liberation, early next week. This is where we let go, get playful and curious, and become willing to discover the path as it unfolds. If you find Monkey messing with you, it’s a sure sign you’re way too attached to things going your way. Let go of what you think needs to happen and give the monkey a banana. Liberation is calling, continuously…

Moon 11 is a time of noticing what’s dissonant, what might have once but no longer serves us as we move, liberated, to the next level. All this retrograde action is showing us what’s shifting. Release what’s ready to be released with ease and grace.

There’s a lovely Grand Earth Trine that will be grounding in us in the coming weeks, and bringing the flow of ease and grace in a very tangible way (although there are other apects bringing enough tension to keep us honest and inspired to take action). The Grand Earth Trine involves Jupiter in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn, and a parade of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus. We’re being invited to embody as a liberating, enjoyable,​ regenerative, and expansive self-care experience. Crafting is encouraged. Life is grand!

The planet Mars is near Saturn over in the constellation of the Scorpion (heading toward “Dude that’s not Mars,” how exciting!) all this next month, getting brighter and brighter! It’s time for us to be re-invigorated, to seriously embody our passion and vitality for what we believe, stand for, and are learning. Go out and say hello!

Hear so much more in the Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Liberating,

Stargazer Li



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