Revitalize & Reinvigorate

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re in a for a big shift from how things have been the past few weeks. There has been a lot of astrological activation and healing going on, you might have noticed!

Now, the focus turns to simply SHOWING UP in new ways. We’re entering Moon 10, the Moon of Manifestation. This is about maturely meeting What Is (not about getting what we want).

We begin in the Serpent wave with an invitation into a very transformational physical embodiment of cosmic energy. The portals are open to allow for many dimensions to be actively in play. This has an intensifying effect. We’re being invited to learn to move and dance our way in life, showing up in the world, making our contributions simply by being who we are. this is a time to embody pleasure and potency, and let that revitalize and reinvigorate us!

In a couple of weeks, it will become more perceptual with lots of retrogrades in the Mirror wave, so a reflective time will follow.

Here’s the Moon 10 Audio Calendar Podcast

The planet Jupiter is high in the​ east moving toward the south evenings, and shining brightly throughout the night. Go out and say hello! You might catch a very dim Venus with the​ Crescent Moon in the east before dawn on the 26th as venus heads naked into the underworld for a few month’s stay.

Two new Essence Elixirs have emerged and are just now manifest, of course! And, they’re both fitting for this time, very basic and potent, and here! Check them out: This & SHIFT.

Happy Being Manifest,

Stargazer Li


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