Earthing Potently

Greetings Keeper of Time,

I’ve been more quiet with the​ cosmic updates this spring as I’ve been traveling around teaching stargazing and essence making and taking, with more to come the next few weekends, and then it’s calendar writing time…

I’ve also had some ideas for new ways of sharing how to continually SHIFT as a way of life. But, with all the retrograde planets as of late, it’s not been time to move those ideas forward. Maybe you’ve been experiencing something similar? Such a time of feeling our way into how we can bring what we bring to our human community, yet every indication that it’s not time quite yet…

And this serves us, so that​ we can ripen into new ways of doing what​ we do that are a truer reflection of what it is we naturally bring, which will make what we bring all the more congruent and useful.

We’re in the Earth wave now, with a few days left in the Moon of Liberation, before we enter the Moon of Integration. So, let this be a memorable weekend of living our way into authentically showing up in human community here on earth!

With Jupiter square Saturn, there’s some inner tension demanding action around taking our place, in our way, and making our contribution. This connects all the way back to Spring 2000 when something began that is now in the final five year phase. Let’s go all the way into bringing it, beyond what we’ve perhaps ever even imagined!

With Mars retrograding back into Scorpio today, and staying retrograde until late June, it suggests that we are being invited to deepen into embodying our power and potency, into finding a way to do that honorably, where we are not afraid of the potency of our beings, and of life and death, but can embrace and meet the moment.

Hear so much more in the Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Earthing Potently,

Stargazer Li


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