Humans Offering Freely

Greetings Keeper of Time,

You may have noticed that things have been a bit Stormy for the past couple of weeks! Good news. Today we enter the Human wave here in this Moon of Freedom. The storm is clearing, and some of the sparky energy is now beginning to subside, and it’s time for us to notice and live what makes us human, in the best sense.

Awhile back, I was looking up the roots of the word “free,” and amazingly enough free comes from “to love” in a courting respectful and reverent way. So apparently, to free, to be free, to reside in freedom, is essentially to offer our love, deep reverence and respect.

On this day of independence (for some), may we live through actually offering from our depths to others and to life, and know that this is freedom, that this is what makes us Human!

And so, on this day, I come to you offering wonderful news of a home I’ve built that we might have a place to journey and converse together more deeply with the universe! is a home for Audio Podcast Listeners through a Riding the River of Time group (no cost involved), Time Traveling 101 Course participants (including for the next round that begins soon; I hope you’ll join us!), and Time Travelers who are Living It. Each level of membership will have access to different parts of the site. Come on over and check it out…

If you sign up for Riding the River of Time, you’ll also be able to access the Moon 13 Audio Calendar Podcast from the Time Traveling Library!

It’s a brand new website and may still be a bit slow loading initially as we need to optimize all our customizations for speed. But I didn’t want everything to have to be perfect before I invited you over… So click, breathe, and enjoy!

Happy Journeying Freely as a Human Offering,

Stargazer Li


Happenings on the Horizon 

All Night Stargazing NEW NEW DATE
Saturday August 8th 

(postponed from June 20th)
Come learn nearly the entire starry sky in one night!


An Evening of Stargazing 

Come for a few hours of stargazing, and transform your relationship with the night sky forever!

Both these events are open to adults and kids.

Friday July 10th, outside Sebastopol, CA  (Waiting list)

Saturday August 15th, in Ashland, OR


Essence Elixirs

A good array are Now Available for purchase
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