Time Traveling ~ A Way of Living

Greetings Keeper of Time,

If you’ve been listening to my podcasts (or even just reading these cosmic update emails), you know I have a unique way of seeing, speaking, and engaging with what’s unfolding in the universe. I’ve come to call this way of living, Time Traveling. Time Traveling is a way of orienting and journeying in and with life.

My calendar is the main map I use, along with astrology, skywatching, and the I Ching. All of these give me a language for navigating and conversing with life and the universe.

I’ve recently taken a moment to record my perspective on time traveling as a way of life, including some of the foundational principles, for your listening enjoyment. Think of it as a podcast that’s good for all times!

As we approach the new year, I’m starting a new round of my Time Traveling 101 Course. We start next week, on the eve of the Serpent wave that brings the new year!

This is the next step for Podcast Listeners if you’re ready to: 

embody authentic presence, notice and acknowledge what’s emerging, and trust and work with what’s wanting to unfold!

I hope you’ll join us on this time traveling adventure…

Head on over to the Time Traveling 101 Course page on my new website, where you can click to listen to the Time Traveling Way of Life recording, and learn more about and sign-up for the course.

You’re INvited!
Stargazer Li


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