Approaching the Serpent Portal

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Over the next handful of days, we continue refining our humanness as we fly free beyond the story of the past year. Can you feel the freeing ending that’s here, and has been hinting around for the past week or so? Take a breath. It’s over, whatever it was.

The New Moon in Cancer on Wednesday finds Mercury and Mars joining the Moon and Sun, with everyone opposite Pluto, just as an earth-sent explorer reaches Pluto! The question becomes, how we can be at home, all cozily nesting, nourishing and nurturing, while vastly extending our reach into the deliciously deep darkness? We have the capacity if we can allow a greater understanding, expression, and lived experience of what it means to be human.

Then the story quickly changes and the big time transformation begins! The new year’s a comin’ in this calendar of mine (on July 26th), which brings a major shift in the energies of the year-story we’re living. We’re being carried into the new year by the Serpent wave, that begins on Friday.

The wave of the year always reveals much around our purpose. This year to come that begins in the Serpent wave promises to be a time of engaging with our physical vitality, and learning to bring cosmic energy down through our bodies into our lives and the world, in an undulating sensual dance…

You’ll notice in looking at the Moon Spiral for Moon 13 (See the handout on the Audio Podcast page), that a series of starred portal days begins on the second day of the Serpent wave, and it will continue into Moon 1 of the new year, with ten portal days in a row. These portal days tend to have an intensifying effect, especially when strung together like this. The portal linking us with the energies and dimensions that are always here but we’re not always aware of is open, open, open. In the Serpent wave, energy is unleashed and floods us in a way that initiates transformation, especially of our physical embodiment.

And, on the very first of the portal days, early evening on July 18th (Saturday), comes the 8th vestment of Venus, with Jupiter and the Heart of the Lion (Regulus) nearby! The Crescent Moon will come by for the last time to confer its blessing before Venus turns retrograde on July 25th, and Venus and Jupiter rapidly depart from the western evening sky. What vestment will be given to Venus, and us, for the Soul Star above our heads? Surely this will be the opening of the portal we are becoming!

Hear more about what’s happening now, and the transition into the new year that’s about to unfold in my Moon 13 Audio Calendar Podcast

My Time Traveling 101 Course begins this week… on the eve of the Serpent wave that will carry us into the new year! We’re embarking upon a new way of living moment to moment, of finding our way and authentic expression within the storied transformational unfoldingLearn more, sign up, or listen to my audio on Time Traveling as a Way of Living, that gives a deeper felt-sense of the course experience. I hope you’ll join us…

Happy Approaching the Serpent Portal,

Stargazer Li


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All Night Stargazing
Saturday August 8th 

Come learn nearly the entire starry sky in one night!
Almost to a WAITING LIST, so now’s the time.

An Evening of Stargazing 
Saturday August 15th, in Ashland, OR
Come for a few hours of stargazing, and transform your relationship with the night sky forever! Open to adults and kids

Last night I did a local stargazing with familes and kids and it was cloudy almost the entire time! And, we all just hung out anyways under the stars we couldn’t see and I talked and storied the universe and a good time was had by all. It became an Evening of StarryTelling. You never know what the universe has in mind, but I find that the more I trust that whatever is happening is fine and just roll with it, the more amazing life becomes!


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  1. Venus July 13, 2015 at 1:53 pm #

    Grab the kleenex folks, with six planets in water signs, Cancer New Moon, this week could be wet. Remember ours keys of transformation. Take it to ‘PURPOSE’. What is it we are creating? Knowing the only lasting creation is ‘RELATIONSHIP’. With Pluto and Mars in the mix, we may dive deep into our emotional bodies, uncovering more of our truth, our spirit, our love. The alignments of Planets in this next month is astounding. Conferencing, conferring, conspiring (as in breathing) co-creating our evolutionary pathways. What is required of us: STAY POSITIVE, BE KIND and DO NO HARM. Showing up in our Wizard Fabulosity. Ahau!!
    P.S. I will be posting the Sabian Symbols for the degrees of the Planets, which may prove insightful. Happy Trails!!Love Light and Lots of Laughter, Always.

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