The Moon with Mars and the Seed Jewel

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Should you find yourself out in the night under the stars looking up, Moon magic is afoot…

Tonight (Sat July 5th), the Moon is with Mars (bright and reddish) and the star Spica, also known as the Seed Jewel in the hand of the Goddess Virgo.

On Monday night, the Moon with be with Saturn and the star Zubenelgenubi, also known as a claw of the Scorpion, or one of the balances on the scale.

Today we entered the Star wave, the last wave of the 260-day Tzolkin round. This is a time of ripening into the magic. We can expand into freedom by remembering how vast we are, great deep space filled with stars.

In less than two weeks, we begin a whole new Tzolkin round, birthing freedom. I’m so ready! And then comes the new year of 9 Dragon Moon Realizations. Things are changing, and we’ll feel that more and more in the coming few weeks.

I’ve been writing next year’s calendar (almost ready to print!) and it’s such a different sort of a year coming. Stay tuned for more details. Or better yet, sign up for my Time Traveling 101 course which begins in a week! If you’d like to listen to the Audio Calendar Podcasts with deeper understanding and develop your ability to trust and flow with the rhythms and live the stories, join us for this unique, amazingness-embodying course!

Happy Moon Dancing with Mars, Saturn, and Freedom,

Stargazer Li


You can Pre-Order the Dragon Moon Realizations Year printed Calendar Now. I’m finishing up writing the last few Moon Narratives as we speak…


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