The Moon of Freedom

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Welcome to Moon 13 ~ the Moon of Freedom, and the last Moon in this Earth Seeding Action Year. What a year it’s been!

Now’s when our Eagle vision takes flight into freedom. Feel how free you truly are! Embrace the freedom to move with and from what is, in touch with the all-that-is. Even if that means staying home curled up reading a book…

After so many months of slogging and learning through our challenges, and feeling like not quite yet… things get moving this week with the waxing moon, Mercury going Direct on July 1st, and the Eagle flying us into a very free Independence Day!

Then we dance a wave with the Stars, who show us how to live the story, ever in motion, with beauty and elegance. Consider that living by the stars is not pre-determination, but a way of navigating freedom!

And then, comes an even deeper Birth of Freedom that will be lived out through the first nine Moons of the new year…

Happy Flying and Dancing into Freedom,

Stargazer Li

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All Night Stargazing Saturday August 23rd
A new date added, but is filling fast…

An Evening of Stargazing
Friday Sept 19th. Kids Welcome with Adults.


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