The Birth of Freedom

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Have you noticed things are getting moving? We may still be catching up for a bit, but we’ll be breaking new ground more and more in the coming few weeks…

The next big impetus into the new is Jupiter moving from Cancer into Leo on Wednesday July 16th, a 12 Storm day for integrating this activating new energy. For the entire coming year, Jupiter will be in the sign of Leo, greatly expanding and enhancing our experience of self-love, creativity, fabulousity, generousity, and enthusiasm for life. True, we will need to watch out for getting overblown and egoic about it. But that’s just what we do when we’re afraid and not really “In.” So, Come In and Join the Fun!

The next day, Thursday July 17th, is a 13 Sun portal day, the very last day of the 260-day cycle that began on October 31st. Showing up here in Moon 13, this is a big day for opening into freedom, into shining our light freely.

Which brings us to Friday July 18th, a 1 Dragon day, and thus the beginning of a new 260-day cycle. Whenever the Dragon wave comes around it births something new that emerges in us and our lives over the next 260-days (about 9 moons). The cycle just completing brought the birth of a new form. Coming here in the Moon of Freedom, this round brings the birth of freedom.

AND, this Dragon wave also happens to be the 13-day wave that brings the new year on July 26th, the beginning of the 9 Dragon Moon Realizations Year! So, in the times to come, our purpose will be realizing our freedom, a new “becoming real” as each moon unfolds…

Dragon is primordial, birthing life, nature, and the universe. Wise and knowing through being undivided from source, Dragon originates. This is a year of new beginnings, of arising, and of remembering, being connected with source as we live the Moon’s cycles. It’s beginner’s mind; nothing presupposed or assumed. Continuously originating is our purpose… 

In perfect timing, of course, My Time Traveling 101 course begins on Monday July 14th. This is a great opportunity to move into new ways of being in the New Year. It’s like the Podcasts with even more guidance and invitation into new ways of orienting in life… Join us for this adventure!
Happy Birthing of Freedom,
Stargazer Li

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