Here We Go

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The potent energies continue to ramp up…

The themes to unfold through the approaching Cardinal Grand Cross will begin to be understood and articulated on Monday, April 14th, as Mercury in Aries activates the key planets (so watch for what messages and news show up, and want to be spoken by you as well!).

And, Monday night into Tuesday morning, comes the Full Moon in Libra, right next to Mars (the red planet), and there’s a Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Visible throughout North America

This is like seeing or experiencing an entire lunar cycle in a matter of hours… Allow this to reset and energize your willingness to truly show up, to embody respectful presence, and to see and meet the fullness of who and what you are relating with moment to moment.

Since this past summer, we’ve been shifting HOW we take action and do what we do. Now it’s time to walk and talk the learning of this Earth Seeding Action Year, to have it be what is, to truly Live what we believe. Remember Your Seeds… 

There’s so much to say about this Grand Cross and Moon 10 that I’ve done a special edition podcast:
Grand Cross & Moon 10 Audio Calendar Podcast

Happy Engaging with What Is,

Stargazer Li



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