To the Seed

Greetings Keeper of Time,

After getting Monkeyed around with a bit the past week or so, today we entered the Seed wave, in this 8 Seed year. We’re still in the Moon of Realization but the very last day of the Seed wave will carry us into the Moon of Manifestation less than two weeks from now. This is a time when the learning of the past many moons becomes real and manifests as our lives.

So, what seeds have you been offered by life, by the universe, in this Earth Seeding Action Year (since last July)? What new more organic ways of being in action and living your uniqueness have sprouted, put down roots, and sent up shoots in your being and life?

Did I mention that there are ten portal days in a row starting on Tuesday? The Seed wave brings a ripening transformation, and there’s nothing like an ongoing open portal to more dimensions than usual to serve as a growth accelerant. So meet the intensity with a welcoming spirit. This is about working with and allowing that energy to bring about our realness.

Ir al Grano. Go to the Seed. To the smallest possible essence of what’s real. Let that be your singular guiding focus.

This coming Thursday, the waning Crescent Moon will make it’s third visit to Venus in the east before dawn. This is the third divestment, now of the throat chakra, the necklace relinquished and our capacity to express what’s real comes to the fore. Go out and speak your welcome.

And, in the midst of all this, comes a Cardinal Grand Cross, most potently in mid-April, but I bet you’re feeling the energy and tensions of it ramping up even now… And it will continue, with the Sun shining on it the first few days of April, Mercury speaking it out loud and a visible (throughout North America) Total Lunar Eclipse the night of April 14th into the 15th kicking things into high gear, before the peak of the Grand Cross April 20-23, then it will slow down and begin to dissipate after the Partial Solar Eclipse on April 28th. Whew! This is a big deal and a big time of revolution! Notice and acknowledge everything in these times and do your best to situate yourself in the middle of it all and let it reshape you and your life, rather than letting it bounce you around. 

There’s so much to say about this Grand Cross and Moon 10 that I’ve done a special edition podcast, much longer and earlier than usual, which speaks to the unfolding of the Seed wave and the entire Grand Cross through Moon 10.
Grand Cross & Moon 10 Audio Calendar Podcast

This is such a pivotal and defining time that I’ve not really looked much beyond it, and have been watching it’s approach for years. We’ll see what unfolds! It will likely show up in many ways: culturally, politically, interpersonally, and individually. If you want to share your experiences as they unfold, you’re welcome to contribute to the comments/stories section of this podcast’s blog page.

Happy Seeds of the Real Manifesting,

Stargazer Li



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