Loving This

Greetings Keeper of Time,

So what revolution has been transpiring in your being? However subtle or dramatic, it is worth noticing and acknowledging how this revoluation has been manifesting in our lives, as it greatly informs where the universe is directing us on our paths. It’s time for loving what is! 

Over the past handful of days, the Cardinal Grand Cross has peaked, and now we have a handful of days through the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus (visible in Australia) on Monday evening, then the particularly potent energies are likely to begin to abate somewhat. Although, the Uranus square of Pluto continues within one degree until May 8th, so the revolutionary death and rebirth impulse continues strongly for another couple of weeks!

Tomorrow morning, Friday April 25th before dawn in the southeast, comes the 4th divestment of Venus as the waning crescent Moon cruises by… Our Heart has the opportunity to relinquish its protections of the breastplate or amulet, in readiness for us to reside safely in our own beings and lives through embodied presence. 

Here in the Dog wave, through the grand cross and lots of Venus transits, so much of this potent time has centered around who and what we love, and HOW, being experienced and expressed in a deeper and more authentic way. A big part of the revolution. I imagine you’ve noticed!

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Happy Loving What Is,

Stargazer Li



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