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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Here we are at the close of the final day of the Dragon wave, birther of new beginnings, this time around in how we meet the world beyond ourselves. 

The astrology of the Winter Solstice, with its Jupiter–Saturn Great Conjunction in Aquarius, tells a similar tale.

What are you noticing in how life is inviting you to show up and meet the world in new ways?

Jupiter and Saturn are still quite close together, ever lower in the southwestern early evening sky. They’re on their way into the under-the-world and will soon slip from view.

We’ve begun the Twelve Days of Christmas (Dec 26th as the 1st day, though some start with the 25th), each day of which offers a divination for the corresponding month of the year to come (26th=Jan, 27th=Feb, 28th=Mar, etc.). I learned of this last year, and a delightful and deep conversation with Life ensued. So, here we are at the close of the February divination day. I invite you to do some searching around online and learn of this tradition in its many forms, especially for European-ancestored beings!

Tomorrow (Monday), we move into the 13-day Wizard wave. This birthing we’ve been through the past couple of weeks is now to be lived by us in meeting new realities in shapeshifting, effortless ways. Balancingly bringing our uniqueness, each of us in coming together, is the essence of this new-style Aquarian revolution.

Tuesday night, Full Moon in Cancer shines upon our living ways at home, with family, as ancestored beings.

Hear more on the big story of this time in my Moon 6 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Wizarding Ways,



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