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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The Quadrantids meteor shower peaks tonight, late night into pre-dawn. Face northeast toward the radiant in the constellation Bootes​ (find Arcturus and you’re​ there). The​re’s way more moonlight than optimal, but this meteor shower tends to have some big ones!

Mercury ––the planet of thinking and communicating–– steps into the transformational action in a big way this week, and next. Mercury conjunct Pluto in late Capricorn on Monday starts off the week with some deeply serious and substantial changes in our mental structures and approaches, and from where we’re communicating in our beings. Don’t go back to how things were before the holiday break. This is a time of enduring and ongoing change. Be practical and responsible in allowing your ideas about how things are, and should be, done and spoken to shift accordingly. 

On Friday, Mercury moves into Aquarius (until mid-March, cuz there’s a retrograde coming the end of this month). Mercury is with Saturn on Saturday as we close out Moon 6, and then Jupiter next week. We’re likely to feel the next layer of the shift into the mental air sign new realities​ of Aquarius as Mercury takes our brains and mouths into this new territory, and then communes with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius as we begin to meet the world newly, with more of us communicating and collaborating with and as equals than ever before. Do we even know how? Don’t need to (that’s old thinking). We’ll learn as we go!

The Wizard wave carries on through Saturday, and so we are invited to continue to live as shape shifting, timeless beings, effortlessly meeting what​ arises…​ This is the new way.

The other big news this week is that late on Wednesday, Mars moves beyond warrior Aries into strong like bull Taurian embodiment. This after over six months in Aries! We’ll see how this shift plays out. Tomorrow, Mars moves beyond the retrograde shadow into the final degrees of Aries, so meeting Aries energy newly after much learning. These past few weeks of Mars direct have certainly been less volatile than they could have been. We will see if all the learning has served us well enough to be strong in presence and having the will for meeting this transformational time, but not fighting reality or lashing out. Given this is occurring on Jan 6th, amidst the electoral college confirmation, it could be interesting. And then, Mars hunkers down and gets way lower and slower. If we can allow ourselves not to stubbornly dig in our heels out of fear of change, at its best, Mars in Taurus invites us to experience the pleasures of embodiment. You can look up and see this shining red being, evenings in the south southwest.

Hear more on the big story of this time in my Moon 6 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Wizard Words,



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