Winter Solstice Great Conjunction in Aquarius

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Let’s together welcome Jupiter, newly moved into Aquarius Saturday morning (joining Saturn who moved in on Wednesday night). Welcome Jupi, thank you for offering uplifting, expansive, freedom through new ways of journeying in this world and life!

Tonight is a good time for scouting out places from which to see these two largest planets in our solar system (Jupiter & Saturn) come together in the sky on Monday night, closer than they’ve been for 400 years! They’ll likely look like a very bright double star (some say a single star, but probably not). You’ll need a location with a low to the southwest view. About 45 mins after sunset is your best bet for viewing, and then you’ll likely have about 45 before they set (depending on your location and the presence of hills or buildings). Take the leap to see and greet this magnificent coming together! Naked eye is fine, but if you have some good binoculars, they’ll show a stunning sight, and probably some of Jupiter’s moons as well.

On Monday’s Winter Solstice, Jupiter & Saturn come together in a Great Conjunction at 0º Aquarius, initiating the next stage of the Age of Aquarius. As these social planets begin their new 20-year cycle, they bring a time that confers upon us each a new calling into living our way and taking our place in the world, to making our contributions in helping bring about the Age of Aquarius

For the past two hundred years (with the exception of a 1981 foreshadowing triple dose of Libra), these every-twenty-years Jupiter–Saturn Great Conjunctions have been in Earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn, and most recently, Taurus). It’s been a time of our work and ways in the world being very tangible, grounded, and materialistic. 

Now, commencing with this Great Conjunction in Aquarius, we shift to all Air signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini)​ for these every-twenty-years​ Great Conjunctions for the coming hundred and fifty (and then some) years. Much less density and way more spaciousness! We received a clue to the airy themes of this time from the 1981 Libra dosing, which brought the advent and rise of the personal computer! 

Air signs bring quick changes in thinking, communication, and social relations. Ideas and abstractions, mind (over matter), become the focus and engage us with the non-physical​ and non-mechanical realms. Our experience of the nature of reality is changing, and will bring forth new realities in the coming couple hundred years. 

Last time this Great Conjunction happened in Aquarius was in the year 1405, over 600 years ago! Aquarius is an Air sign, and is also the Water-Bearer, friend to humans. Ruled by Uranus (modernly, and this is quite a modern moment!), Aquarius is a sign and style of being that’s very high (sky) minded, humanitarian (and yet, transpersonal), sudden, revolutionary, unique, freedom-loving, and gathers groups of people together. We’re taking to the skies, going wireless, building networks, sharing information, bringing new ideas, gathering as peers, and contributing our uniqueness. It’s all about, and made of, energy and ideas!

Perhaps what​ changes is the path we’ve been on (for millennia even) of material ownership, where once there was kinship (with each other and the natural world). Now’s the time we step into freedom, living friendly loving relatedness, by choice, as a revolutionary act, and becoming human in the process, in relatedness with all of Life.​

With Aquarius, we as people come together in freedom. This is a friend(ly) revolution. Love is not to be so personally defined or conditional. I’m reminded of the Venus in Gemini cycle we’re in now (and were 8 years ago during the Winter Solstice 2012 step into the first phase of entering the age of Aquarius). We’re being invited to learn to make friends with love! 

Tumbled down are the structures (socially and personally) that we’ve relied upon and attempted to fit ourselves within. We don’t​ know how to do this new way yet (and even thinking we need to know how in advance of doing or to have a structure or plan to work from is so Earth sign oriented, ha). This is a learning-as-we-go time, this spontaneously-arising approach is the new way, and through it, we’ll make something new!​

And so, with these social planets of Jupiter & Saturn involved, this moment brings us into direct and sustained engagement with, and as, our selves interacting with the social world (including the beyond human). Jupiter opens new perspectives, and expansive, journeying ways​. And, Saturn will have us taking freedom seriously, mindful of our responsibility to do the work necessary to live it and share it! Such an exciting and new time is upon us.

All this on Monday’s Winter Solstice 7 Hand day in the​ Dragon wave in the Moon of Meeting the World Beyond Ourselves, where we birth a new beginning in attuning to what’s ours to do, and how. This newly beginning 260-day round of waves we’ve just entered is for learning enough that we might be able to walk and talk as this new self meeting the world in about nine-months time. Notice what arises as Life invites you into new experiences and ways.​ We’re now being gifted our new purpose in serving this moment. What comes is likely to offer an unexpected twist…

Wednesday, Moon joins Mars in the sky (quite visible for most of the evening). They’re astrologically in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn. There may be some deep agitation, challenging us to take action from a place of embodied power rather than brutal violence. The learning of  this six months of Mars being in Aries is put to the test!

Venus can be seen shining with the bright red star Antares (Heart of the Scorpion) the coming week (especially midweek). Look to the east about an hour and a half before sunrise. Here again is echoed the theme of love, here in it’s potent cosmic depths.

Also yesterday and today, Mercury and Sun are together in late Sagittarius, aligned with the​ Center of our Galaxy! This is a moment for shifting our sense of self-identity and purpose, and how we think and communicate this sense of self, into a much larger context and meaningfully lived perspective! 

Hear more on the big story of this time in my Moon 6 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Winter Solstice Great Conjunction in Aquarius,



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