Meeting the World Beyond Ourselves, Newly

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Here we are, on the eve of Moon 6 ~ the Moon of Balancing, of Meeting the World Beyond Ourselves, as Ourselves.

For a year and more, I’ve been looking to this time about to unfold, seeing how our learning has been preparing us for this moment of being our naturally human selves stepping into and embodying new realities!

After an intensive year of old structures, identities, and insistences breaking down, both societally and personally, now comes the time of birthing ourselves into newly meeting Life, and each other. 

Stars and planets are very present and conversational in these new realities! 

I hope some of you with clear skies this morning saw Moon visiting Venus for the 6th vestment, as we let drop the girdling belt. Star-soul-self all the way seated in our bodies, we are now invited to flowingly move from the 2nd chakra place in our beings.

Tomorrow into Monday, the Geminids meteor shower​ star storm of magic announces the arrival of the Dark Moon in Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse reset of the adventure we’re on. While this is visible, and thus most potent, in southern Chile and Argentina, all of us residing here on Earth are offered a deep reset in who we know ourselves as and how we meaningfully journey this life. This comes on a 13 Sun portal day, the last in the cycle of waves that began last March through which we’ve become real in new ways.

On Tuesday, Dragon awakens and births us into a new cycle of waves, one that will carry us until September. This round, the learning and becoming involves our newly emergent selves showing up and balancingly meeting the world beyond ourselves.

Amidst Tuesday’s begetting, Venus enters Sagittarius and Chiron moves Direct in Aries, blessing our journeying with a love of learning and meaning, and of places, ways, and beings beyond the familiar, as well as the invitation to move strongly from our gifts rather than our wounds. 

As Dragon stretches & unfurls, slivered Moon, still charged up from the power of eclipsing, visits Jupiter & Saturn low in the dusky west on Wednesday evening, escorting Saturn into Aquarius. This is a sight not to be missed as Jupiter and Saturn continue to drawn near in advance of their closest conjunction in 800 years on Winter Solstice (Dec 21st)! Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius on Saturday.

Jupiter and Saturn are social planets having to do with our ways and work in the world and in life. In Aquarius, they explore and bring innovative new ways and works,  freedom and uniqueness, engagement with timing as well as time, and the embodiment of energy as we learn how to actually be human, and humane, together, with each other, and in conversation with the natural world and Universe in an immediate, connected way. 

Hear the big story in my Moon 6 Audio Calendar Podcast.

I speak in the podcast (a long and important one!) of a new Essence Elixir, Marrow. After a quiet year of little energy or attention on my essences, all of the sudden, lots is happening and I’m bottling madly to meet the demand! For these times, specific essences are coming to the fore (along with Marrow, which is definitely embodying the new realities!): still Riding the Elephant, and also Showing UpHuman Freedom, and Cosmic Fabulousity.

Inviting 2021 begins tomorrow, Sunday, Dec 13th, with a Noon (Pacific time) Zoom on Being Invited, as we move into Moon 6 and the deluge of new beginningness that unfolds over the coming weeks! If you’re ready to move beyond trying to impose and insist upon your own agenda and intentions, join us as we learn to receive and welcome what Life is inviting…

Happy Meeting the World Beyond Your Self, Newly​,



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