Storm Crystalizing Integration

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

This weekend has seen Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces, offering a hazy, wanting to be lazy, embodied infinitude storying. Within this, we’re invited to find the will for appreciating artful beauty, merging with spirit, and moving intuitively.  

As we’ve experienced another layer of dying to who we’ve been this past week, Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn has continued to draw near, and will soon be ratcheting up the transformational intensity as the 13-day Storm wave rolls in and the atmospheric pressure builds (on Tuesday). Occasional bolts of lightning will be suddenly crystallizing new realities. Maintaining our embodied presence amidst the thunderous storm is what’s being asked of us. This can be an activating and enlivening time, if we meet it well rather than cowering behind the protections of our former faces.

On Thursday, Mercury goes Retrograde in Cancer (until July 12th), as we integrate our recent learning by going back over where we’ve come from with a different energetic approach,  especially​ in attending to home, family, and ancestors. It’s a time for finding the courage to feel and to articulate, while nourishing and nurturing. This is not about “having” emotions and needily pulling on others. It’s about being willing to feel all the things, and how this is expressed in our thinking and communicating.

Now is such an important time for all of us to look back to the lives, experiences, and places of our ancestors. To get to know them, actually and intimately. They live on in us as prejudices, trauma, talents, skills, and, somewhere in there, our indigenous roots in places and cultures. For those of us who don’t​ have this remembrance, it’s time to take responsibility for setting out on the ever-deepening journey of becoming at home in our humanness amidst the so much more than human. If you’re inspired to journey with me in this way, consider an Ancestor Tracking Session

Last night, I was reading Brehon law from early Ireland, which valued equally​ the life of a sacred apple tree and a poet/historian human. So much profound change is needed, in all of us who’ve been socialized in capitalistic colonizing conditions, for us to be able to participate in bringing about the new time that​ is emerging from a place of truly loving and valuing (Venus in Gemini is still retrograde too).

On Saturday’s Summer Solstice, Sun rests on the pointy-toed boot of a Gemini Twin, at the crossroads where the yellow road of the planets meets the white road of the Milky Way in the​ midst of the Sacred Hoop that portals the edge of our galaxy in opening to the vast velvety blackess beyond, rising and setting at the northernmost cornerposts of the sacred house of the Sun and Moon. Go out for sunrise and sunset and find these cornerposts in your world. Orient your body and being to living and being at home here on Earth, in our solar system, in our galaxy, in the known and seen Universe. Begin to become indigenous to here, now! 

Within hours (late Saturday into early Sunday)​, New Moon darkens Sun, bringing an annular Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse, at 0º Cancer, visible in east-central Africa, Arabia, Pakistan, Northern India, and Southern China. This reset has Originating Wizards remembering ancestral homelands, and considering becoming at home in our solar system and galaxy. There is sooo much more than the seeming Human here, and when we wake up inside of this and converse with the​ Universe we can become people and nations in revolutionarily different ways! 

Venus has emerged in the east, rising before the Sun as Morning Star. You can​ catch the waning Moon giving Venus a welcome on the 19th.

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Consider an Ancestor Tracking Session. This is a time for remembering ourselves as humans, connected with the humans that came before, as well as their times and places.


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