One Wizard, Walking & Talking

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today is a One Wizard day. This echoes the One Wizard day that happened back on the July 26th​ “new year” for this calendar. Today is essentially the Walking & Talking day for this year.

Having experienced a round of days and waves learning to live in a more wizardly way, we return to this energy now more experienced and able to walk and talk this learning in our lives, more able to begin to move in life and speak from a more effortless place, where we shapeshift to meet the moment rather than insisting on our old ways of being and presenting. Here’s the​ New Year Podcast for review!

And, I don’t​ know about you, but I’ve experienced things shifting for me the past few days. The stunned lethargy of this crisis time and the weeks of letting go of what’s been and any sense of what’s to come, have begun to give way to my stepping in and embodying in a more relaxed way, with moments of creative inspiration, moments where I’m flowingly taking action from what’s arising rather than the old way of insistently bossing myself around. I have a deeper and truer sense of expressing my self, and knowing that each moment builds my capacity to live this as my life. We are the profound transformation happening, moment by moment, and day by day. As insistent domesticated entitlement gives way to mature presence, we become the alternative and begin to live new lives.  

This is the energy of this time as expressed too by Jupiter still very close with Pluto in Capricorn. There is the ongoing death of​ old ways and structures, and moving into and from self-renewing ways of being. New realities are becoming manifest in the littlest moments, walking and talking with subtle wizardry.

Early this week, Mercury is with Chiron in Aries, offering some healing around how to think and communicate with powerfully embodied and expressive presence, rather than from wounded bullying weakness.

Midweek, before dawn in the​ east, waning Moon visits several planets, all in a line, Jupiter (Tues), then Saturn (Wednesday), and then Mars (Thurs). Lighting up and activating this storied time. Venus still shines in the west after sunset. 

The podcast is where I speak deeply, and at length, to what’s unfolding.
Moon 10 Audio Calendar Podcast.

To Being Wizards, Walking & Talking,



Sessions Are Happening
Given current realities, and how profoundly powerful and helpfully transformative these individual sessions are, I’ve opened up a couple of options that are usually just for those who’ve done a Deep Dive session with me. Check out Conversations & Renewal Sessions! 


This fall, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Pavini Moray for the Bespoken Bones podcast. I geeked out in a big way on ancestor tracking, reality, rivers, the Paleolithic, stars, inviting, and so much more. People are loving this conversation. Give a Listen!

If you’re inspired to journey with me in this way, consider an Ancestor Tracking Session. I’ve been doing so many lately! This is a time for remembering ourselves as humans, connected with the humans that came before as well as their times and places. Kids can get involved too, by interviewing parents and grandparents!



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