Mirroring Storms Conception

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Now, we move beyond the Serpent wave with its intensifying portals that have infused and invigorated us through instigating a transformational initiation the past couple of weeks. Let this learning continue to works its way through you, ever so slowly and thoroughly. There is much reconfiguration going on from our wordless depths.

Mercury continues its retrograde journey in Scorpio for a couple more weeks, as power and truth telling (mostly to ourselves) make themselves known to us in new ways.

Today, we enter the 13-day Mirror wave. Looking in the Mirror of the deep brings transformation in our perceptual experiencing, gazing more openly & seeing more clearly as our measure. We have the opportunity now to shift our form in real ways, through making perceptual shifts. I’m reminded of the novel Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse, where the shards of the mirror are shuffled around into different configurations. Many realities, truths, and perspectives can be perceived. Much of our experience is mediated through concepts, personas, expectations, and forms of our own making. It’s all in how we arrange and relate the story.

One perceptual shift that can powerfully change your life is changing how you keep time! For a delightfully magical, storied, curvaceous, and colorful week-at-a-glance version of my calendar for Jan–Dec 2020, Order a 2020 Datebook. OR Special Bundle SALE: 2020 Datebook & Wizard Originating Year Calendar, SAVE 20%.

Tomorrow, 2 Storms collide, flashing in the mirror, conceiving what’s to be born next New Year (July 26th). A very energetic, perceptual, and relational time is coming. For now, it’s sparked within us, to grow in the coming moonths and be birthed at the new year. Even as we are still setting off on this new 13-year Wizard journey, the unfolding of the story to come thunders, activating and sparking. It’s okay to not know what that means or looks like! The unexpected abounds…

Also, the third and final pass of Saturn in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces is exact tomorrow (very present the past couple weeks and the couple weeks to come), proffering positive potentiality around taking our place to do our work in this world, informed by spirit. This is a time for taking seriously the biggest dreams that life instills in us, to exhibit our authority and sovereignty through doing the work that is ours too do and allowing it to shape and strengthen us into a tangible expression of the infinite.

Hear more in my Moon 4 Audio Calendar Podcast. Moon 5 coming late next week.

All the while, Venus rides the heart of Scorpion low along the western horizon in evening’s twilight, as Mars receives the harvest from the hand of the Goddess (with Spica) low in the east before dawn.

This coming Monday, Nov 11th, Mercury transits the face of the Sun. This is a rare event, which to view you need a small telescope or good binoculars WITH A SOLAR FILTER! Do not look at the Sun through anything magnifying unless you have an adequate solar filter. Seriously, your eyes are important. This transit can be seen in the morning Pacific time, from sunrise until around 10am. Here’s a source for more Mercury transits details at your location.

The next day, Full Moon in Taurus shines opposite Mercury having caressed the face of Sun. Wonder what you’ll see in the mirror of Moon!? Be sure to look…

Happy Mirroring Storms Conception,



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I’ll be offering up some Calendar Basics teaching starting any day now (THIS WAS DELAYED BY THE RECENT HAPPENINGS, so hoping to get recording this weekend). I’m thinking to include some emails and recordings plus a Q&A Zoom videoconference. I’ll for sure share how to Find your Birth and This Year Signs & Number, which a lot of folks have been finding very powerful as of late! Learn the Signs, Numbers, Colors, Waves, and Moons of which I speak…

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