The Challenge of Surrendering to Humility

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Our Skywalking journey of the past couple weeks comes to a close today. Have you felt the energy resolve a bit the past couple of days? Whew. Most of us are now journeying in a new way in life. It might be subtle (or not!), but it’s real, and continuing to meet life as a journey will keep refining our experience.

Tomorrow begins the Worldbridger wave, as with great humility, we’re invited to die to who and what we’ve been, becoming bridgers of worlds in direct relatedness with the Beyond. This is a time of surrender, a time to stop resisting life and what is, and instead to meet it, with humility.

This act of surrender (rinse and repeat), resolves the mounting internal tension as the third and final pass of the yearlong Jupiter in Sagittarius square of Neptune in Pisces draws in. The world & spirit must both be honored, actively & simultaneously. We become the bridge as we live storied lives of meaning (rather than delusional lives of wanting).

Meanwhile, Saturn is stationing direct in Capricorn, a very tangible, and maturing, direct engagement with how things are done and how we accept and meet responsibility dials in.

Most of the coming week is still in the Moon of Relatedness & Challenge, but then comes the Moon of Motion (one of my favorites!).​ Have a listen to the Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast for more on the story of this time. The Moon 3 podcast will drop later this week on my website.

Happy Meeting the Challenge of Surrendering to Humility,


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