Meeting the Challenge of Freedom

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

This has been a week of Moon dancing cheek to cheek with Jupiter, and then, last night & tonight, Saturn. They’re bracketing the Milky Way, one each side. With Jupiter riding Antares, the heart of the Scorpion (Dude, that’s not Mars) and Saturn above the handle of the Teapot (the pulled back arm of the Archer). There’s been some great stargazing going on lately. I hope you’re​ stepping out to greet the night! 

Things have been a bit hazy energetically this week, with Venus and then Mercury opposing Neptune. What’s going on?! we might have been wondering. Learning to meet and be with the lethargy and unfocusedness has been the challenge. Sometimes we are challenged to let go of our active productivity engagement and just​ feel dreamy and unclear. 

This energy will now abate slightly as we start to feel and see the build up to Friday (the 13ths) Full Moon in Pisces. But the Pisces energy also diffuses our focus. Best to attend to health and well-beingness, and our spiritual connection with the all-that-is! Mercury and Venus will be together then too as they move, hand in hand, from Virgo to Libra. Allow perceptual shifts around love and money. 

Another dimension of the story is that we’re in the Skywalker wave in the Moon of Relatedness & Challenge. Skywalker is a dimensional journeyer, the embodied living of freedom. Right now, we’re refining how we journey in life through meeting the challenge of freedom. What is freedom? What is our responsibility to freedom, and how do we live the tremendous freedom we have? ​How do we live as cosmic beings here on earth? Taking this seriously and finding our way involves stepping into our lives in new ways rather than operating from tethering habits. 

Have a listen to the Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast for more on the story of this time.

Happy Meeting the Challenge of Freedom,


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p.p.s. My website is having issues loading again, off & on. So, if you get an error message, try again later or email me directly with questions. I suspect new web hosting will be happening this week!​

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