Dragon Begins a Freedom Round

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

By the light of last night’s Moon shining with Jupiter (and tonight’s too), today, we began a 13-day Dragon wave, birthing a new 260-day round of waves. Beginning here in the Moon of Freedom, the unfolding of this whole coming round is centered in Freedom, learned and bestowed wave by wave. I always draw a tarot card for the round, this time I drew Strength.  

What’s being birthed in you?

Tuesday’s Full Moon in Capricorn shining with Saturn at its brightest, is partially eclipsed (visible in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America). This reset is about serious freedom, the responsibility to be grounded enough to birth through the cosmic gate and live within the All-That-Is. With Saturn joining Moon, the maturity asked of us in this time is amplified! How can we be both solid and present, and in direct conversation with the Universe, in each moment? This is the learning of this time.

Ah, the irony of the Full Moon in Capricorn always falling in the Moon of Freedom. I take this to suggest that we’re looking at the freedom to do what​’s ours to do, to do our sacred work. We become who we are here to become, by doing our sacred work. It shapes us and strengthens us. This is our responsibility. Freedom is not the absence of responsibility.

Hear the full story in my Moon 13 Podcast.

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Happy Dragon Beginning A Freedom Round,


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