Wizard New Year Approaches

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re in the final days of the year, and this year the last of a 13-year journey. Can you feel the approach of an ending, even alongside the sense of new beginnings? The 13-year Moon journey comes to a close on Wednesday, and so too our journey of learning to live rhythms & cycles. 

At the same time, we’re still in the​ Dragon wave, which embodies a birthing and new beginning having to do with Freedom, that will unfold wave by wave until spring. 

We’re soon to see the Day Out of Time (on Thursday, July 25th), which falls between the years. This is my personal favorite day, a day I make no plans but simply give myself a chance to see what I choose to do when I can do anything! And, this gives me a taste of living freedom, as we step into the All-That-Is.​ This year the Day Out of Time arrives on a 13 Skywalker day in the​ Dragon wave, offering the possibility of dimensionally journeying in freedom, beyond the bounds of the usual, in the primordial realm of the mythic. 

Hear the “leading up to the new year” story in my Moon 13 Podcast.

On July 26, 2019, we enter a new calendar year. The Wizard Originating Year begins a new 13-year Wizard journey. New operating principles of life are emerging… which seem to involve learning around Living the Mystery!​

I’ll be recording the Moon 1 & New Year Podcast any day now. I had imagined today might be the day, but what truly wanted to happen was relaxing, ancestor tracking, and swimming! And, this is the perfect beginning toward getting to know the coming year and journey. This is a time for trusting the timing and going what feels right in the moment, rather than operating from plans or goals. How and when we do what​ we do is everything! Wizard ​is so about to teach us the living of this magic!

Order the Wizard Originating Year Calendar for the upcoming July 26th New Year. Now printed and available! This is a great companion to the Podcast. Free bonus pdf of the calendar for those who order by the end of the Wizard wave.

Happy Approaching the Wizard Year,


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An Evening of Stargazing, Saturday, October 19th (family-friendly)

All Night Stargazing, Saturday, October 26th (epic!)

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