Inviting 2019

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The time of year when goals, resolutions, and intentions are made is upon us!

I’m not a fan of such as these. They too readily perpetuate the strategic campaign, war on everything, capitalistic, entitled, “create and get what I want” mentality and approach to life (that is perhaps the very thing needing transformation at the deepest levels, just sayin’)!

It’s not about what we want (in case the past year has not made that abundantly clear)!

I prefer “Inviting” rather than “Intending.” While this might seem a subtle distinction, so much so that you would could do that same old thing and just call it an invitation, what I’m talking about is a radical flip!

The question I offer, is, “What is the universe inviting you into?!”

Engaging with this question in meeting what’s to come enables us to deepen into the guiding conversations life and the universe are having with us right now, teaching us a different way of orienting and living, that can serve us throughout the year and our lives.

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a process of engaging with this question that brings me an abundance of Invitations (areas of life to attend to intimately, rather than things to achieve), that I dance with and am danced by throughout the year.

This year, I’m inspired to share this process with you…

Experience Inviting 2019 ~ Three Options

Inviting 2019 is a brief course (over the next few weeks) offering a series of emails with step-by-step prompts for you to engage with, listen to, discover, eloquently articulate, and refine what the universe is inviting you into for 2019, and ways of staying engaged with these invitations day-by-day throughout the year. $37

Living the Invitations 2019 includes the Inviting 2019 course, as well as a monthly audio that speaks to the themes of what’s unfolding, as we learn to live the invitations (rather than trying to make something happen), along the way being taught how to live invitingly. A great accompaniment to my podcasts. Some will be pre-recorded and others live conference calls with participants (recorded). An online space where you can post your Invitations, comment, or ask questions as we all live our invitations together throughout the year will also be provided. $20/mo for 12 months

Inviting Life 2019 Sessions includes the Inviting 2019 course and Living the Invitations audios, as well as Quarterly Individual Sessions with Li and the Universe as we focus on, support, and attend to the unfolding of you living your invitations magnificently! $250 quarterly

Now’s the time…

You’re invited to join us in Inviting 2019!

Be well,



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