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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The past couple of days, Mars has been goosing Chiron on its way to entering Aries on Monday, instilling the impetus to spring to life again, and maybe to live our gifts rather than those pesky wounds that keep ailing us and drawing our attention. The will(ingness) to embody and take action as who we truly are is being sparked. There will be more energy for it starting Monday.

Today finds us entering the 13-day Worldbridger wave, stepping onto the threshold between worlds, as well as years, Worldbridgers living the liminal, the zone of mixing. Worldbridging involves continually dying to who we’ve been, as we surrender in humility and gain a measure of maturity with which to simply meet the world beyond our selves. We’re reminded that our new form is not so much about having a form!

Seen in the southwest​ before dawn on New Year’s Day, waning Crescent Moon visits Venus, nestled within the outstretched claws of the Scorpion in the sky. This is the 2nd divestment of Venus on the many moons journey before walking naked into the underworld, a laying down of the long-held scepter of sovereignty and trusting our third eye and the pineal’s cyclic modulating song to guide our way.

The Sun is with Saturn on New Year, suggesting a seriousness to this year to come. Perhaps the time has arrived to take the living of our true selves seriously!

Inviting 2019​ is a brief course I’m offering, encouraging you to consider what​ the Universe is inviting you into this coming year (rather than the tired old figuring out what you want and making goals and plans). The arising of this offering, in this moment, is it’s own divination of what this time is offering us all…

Moon moves down the body of the starry Azure Dragon/Scorpion, before dawn on the 3rd riding Antares the Heart with Jupiter… on its way to a Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (roughly 3:30–8pm on Sat, Jan 5th, Pacific time, visible in Asia mostly and the Aleutian Islands). The eclipsed Sun and eclipsing Moon will be between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn astrologically, on a 7 Human portal day in the Wordbridger wave. This is a reset in what​ we are attuned to as our humanness, the death and rebirth of something real and tangible, and is very much the beginning of the new year. There’s a Quadrantids meteor shower for celebratory good measure too toward the end of this week!

The eclipse season will be open and continuing through the coming mega Total Lunar Eclipse on the evening of January 20th (visible throughout North America). Potent times, in particular this coming lunar eclipse that closes a cycle that’s been active since the Total Solar Eclipse in August of 2017 (in may opinion). More on this to be sure! Our lives will never be the same as before that fateful solar eclipse. This is getting ready to move us into the slow building of what we are now.

Hear the story of this time in my Moon 6 Podcast.

Happy Meeting Life,


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