Wizardly Form

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The Dragon wave continues as we birth this new form, as does some of the primordial lethargy and unfocusedness, though this is shifting too with our emergence!

This past week, Venus retrograded back into Libra and emerged as the Morning Star very low in the east southeast just before dawn, initiating a new cycle of graciousness around love, relatedness, and money!! On Monday and Tuesday before sunrise, you may even see the waning crescent Moon with just emerging Venus.

Also on Tuesday, Uranus retrogrades back into Aries until spring, pushing us to express our uniqueness in form and allow the unexpected to bring forth in perfect timing…

Wednesday is the Dark Moon in Scorpio, initiating a lunar cycle that reminds us of the deep power and potency of these times.

The big day is Thursday, a 1 Wizard day, the conception day for next July’s new year, when we’ll embark upon a whole new 13-year Wizard journey! A major shift in operating principles is coming. (I know it sure seems like we’ve been in one all summer, and maybe this is getting us ready for and started on living quite differently!). This is a new kind of shapeshifting way and form of life that’s being conceived over the 13 days of the Wizard wave, one in which we learn to effortlessly meet the moment. Also (fittingly) on Thursday, riding Antares, the heart of the Scorpion, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius (it’s home sign) for a year of letting our arrow fly, and seeking and following the journey it offers. This is what our new form is all about living!

Saturn is very low in the west as the dark of night descends, while Mars still shines brightly in the southwest.

Listen to the story of these times in my Moon 4 Podcast.

Happy Wizardly Form,



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