Emergent New Form

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The Dragon wave continues this week, as does this sense of emergent, nearly inarticulable, newness. Notice what new form is birthing in your being, as your being, and from your being!

Over the next couple of days, Pluto’s path crosses the ecliptic path of the planets (heading south, down even deeper into our foundational structural roots!). Usually, Pluto is seriously off-roading (so not walking the path like the rest of the planets, Sun, and Moon). This brings a profound transformational imperative from the most transpersonal layers all the way into our very personal experience of our selves and lives. Let whatever no longer serves us be released from being lived a moment longer! It’s time to die to who we’ve been, and birth a new form, with a new foundation and structure. For you astro geeks (you know who you are), here’s an article where I read this was happening.

On Wednesday, Venus retrogrades into Libra, easing some of the Scorpionic intensity. See how gracious you can be… with yourself, others, and life!

This whole Dragon wave (exact on Thursday), we’re also in the​ midst of Jupiter in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces, both in the very last degrees of their respective signs. I missed seeing this in time for the calendar                          and podcast, but perhaps the universe was saving the awareness until we were in the thick of this moment of death, rebirth, and regeneration. Here is the grace, the exhale and expansion of living from our gifts rather than our wounds! Now’s the time…

Saturn and Mars can be seen in the southwest these early dark evenings.

Listen to the story of these times in my Moon 4 Podcast.

Happy Forming,


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