Wizard Selves Emerging

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The sudden upsurge of Jupiter into Sagittarius and Uranus retrograding back into Aries, both fire signs, seems to have ignited some of our lands. And, we’re reminded, yet again and some more, of the ongoing structural transformation being commanded by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn…

Tonight, see the Crescent Moon with Saturn, very low in the west at dusk. Mars still shines brightly in the southwest and is visited by Moon on Thursday evening, the first day of Moon 5 ~ the Moon of Selfhood.

In the coming couple of weeks, our newly emerging Wizard form gains selfhood, in a continually shapeshifting way. Having a solid sense of self is no more, so embrace the mystery! Effortlessness in meeting the moment is our guide, as Mars and Moon greet Pisces and we swim with the fishes.

On Friday, while Venus stations direct with Spica (the seed jewel in the hand of the Goddess), Mercury in Sagittarius goes Retrograde (back to greet Jupiter into Sag). Forward, pause, then back, pause, then forward again, these are the steps to the graciously adorning dance of selfhood.

Listen to the story of these times in my Moon 4 Podcast. Moon 5 Audio coming this week…

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Happy Wizard Self Emerging,


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