Truly Blessed

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

My hope is that in this time we can all, actively and ongoingly, remember that we are truly blessed!

These days the Sun shines with Jupiter in Sagittarius, with Mercury running back to meet up with them, blessing our expansive adventures and learning, especially when we approach them with curiosity and playfulness, willing to discover who we are rather than insisting on who we are. With Neptune going direct, we may begin to see more clearly through the haze in the coming weeks.

Next weekend, Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio for a deep dive in the​ last week of its backward revisiting dance. Let your capacity for powerfully intense perception and potently truthful communication be reworked. 

You can​ hear the story of these times in my Moon 5 Podcast.

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Happy Being Truly Blessed,


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Truly Blessed
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