Wizard Hands Make Selves

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Just a few more days of conceiving the living our wizardry as our selves! Let’s welcome the learning and meet this moment well and effortlessly.

Mercury has turned retrograde in Sagittarius to head back and welcome Jupiter newly entered into Sag. This is an opportunity to reconsider how we interpret divinations and generally what the universe is saying to us. So often we interpret looking for an answer and in particular the one we want, rather than staying open to the ongoing unfolding of layers of meaning. In this Wizarding time, and with both of these thinker planets in meaning seeking Sag, this is an important moment for learning to navigate the journey that is our life through guidance, but to receive and meet and converse with guidance perhaps in different ways than our usual “this is what​ it means” and “this is what​ I intend approach.” I know, this means letting go our our command and control model. But, if we want society to operate less like that, we can surely begin in our own beings!

On Wednesday we move into the 13-day Hand wave. We have Hands, ability and agency for making, and in the making we make something of our selves. Craft, touch, shape, hold, carve, paint, caress.. Take the ideas born with Thursday’s Gemini Full Moon and the enthusiasms of the newly Sagittarius Sun into crafting a new life and experience of selfhood.

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The Leonids meteor shower is currently peaking, through there is much moonlight this year, so not optimal conditions (plus smoke if you’re in the Bay area). Still, we can celebrate with the Lion and spark some of our own momentary flashes of brilliance in the most unexpected moments and ways! 

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Happy Wizard Hands Making,


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