Wizard Hands Lift Sun

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Here in the last two days of the Hand wave in this Moon of Selfhood, we find ourselves through what we make and do. Have you noticed a shift in what you feel called to do, and perhaps the beginnings of taking action and bringing into form in new ways? The learning of this time has to do with us coming into form in a new way, making something of ourselves that is more true to our natures and depths. This involves a lot of not knowing, but also moments of taking small true steps on this path that is calling us.

Tomorrow (Monday), on a 13 Storm portal day, in the east-southeast before dawn, Venus shining high and bright as the Morning Star is visited by the waning Moon for the 1st divestment. This is the first gate encountered on our eventual journey walking naked into the underworld in eight months time. For now, we reach up and remove our crown, feeling the top of our head open to the cosmic activation of freedom.

Awakening Tuesday, greet the Sun. We embark upon the 13-days of the Sun wave, as Sun in Sagittarius dispenses radiance generously, living its nature, warming the waning season with its autumnal glow. This is enough, for the Sun and for us, to simply shine.

Toward the end of this week, Mercury and Chiron both station and turn direct around the Sagittarius New Moon, in this time of engaged thought, teaching, and learning. We pause for a moment, then begin to take slow, arrow-guided steps into thinking, speaking, and living our gifts rather than our wounds. With Mars dancing a moment with Neptune on a 4 Night portal day, we can embody dreams.

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Happy Wizard Hands Lifting the Sun,


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