Eagle Star Shining

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today could be called a 7 Dragon portal day, a day for attuning to the rebirth that’s coming soon (in a few weeks)! Since last Feb, we’ve been engaged in deep learning of how to be in action and live what we believe. Boy howdy! Soon, we will birth a new form. But for now, we’re ripening into being in action in this new way.​

Eagle con​tines to fly in this Moon of Motion, giving us some perspective, and fleeting moments of quiet spaciousness.

Venus turned retrograde in Scorpio (on Friday). Themes related to love, money, and beauty are now revisited for reconsideration and regeneration. Forward motion returns in mid November, with yet some while until breaking new ground. So, remember in this Moon of Motion, not all motion is forward! There is tremendous value and learning in re-approaching from another angle a time or two… And, certainly, there is much for us all to regenerate around love and money!

Monday’s New Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus, thus reinforcing this revisiting during the coming lunar cycle) creates perfect conditions for the Draconids meteor shower (Monday and Tuesday early evenings, radiant in the north). Dragon speech meteors shower us in the dark! ​

While Venus is at such a low angle to have slipped from the western evening sky and disappeared into the glow of the setting sun for us Northern Hemisphere folks, on Wednesday early evening, those in the Southern Hemisphere can catch a glimpse of the slivery Moon with Venus for an 8th, and final, “soul star flying above our heads” vestment.​ Wherever we are, we can all tune in to this freedom that ends a Venus cycle, as Eagles flying above our heads that become Stars over 13-days beginning on Saturday. Shining and moving with beauty, creativity, and elegance is the most ripe and magical form of action!

Hear the story in my Moon 3 Podcast.

The evening planets are shifting from their summer array and display. Moon visits each, every few days, starting with Jupiter on Thursday evening.

  • Venus is gone! (unless in the Southern Hemisphere)
  • Jupiter is low in the west early evening
  • Saturn is above the Teapot toward the southwest
  • Mars is shining less brightly in the south

We’ll be All Night Stargazing tonight! Wahoo!

Happy Eagle Star Shining,


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