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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Are you feeling the shift? Not to say that the massive transformational challenges we’ve all been going through for many moons are over or anything… But perhaps you may have noticed us starting to move and experience ourselves in new ways! There’s something coming of all this, a new form that comes from all this challenge, change, and motion…

We find ourselves amidst the dazzling beauty of the Stars in their courses ~leaping from the earth, dancing across the sky, and plunging into the underworld~ as the time of year story unfolds, in the sky and in the real mythicness of our lives.​ Stars show us how and guide our way into living the magic…

On Thursday this week, we shift from the Moon of Motion into the Moon of Form. And then, a week later, Dragon is the next wave coming, bringing the birth of a new form. How we move now is the beginning of the “labor” that brings that birthing! So, now’s the time to make the conditions optimal for the birthing to come… cuz’ the moment of birth embodies and expresses the story to be lived out!

Tonight, Moon shines with Saturn at the crossroads where the path of the planets and the center of the milky way galaxy river meet. The stars of the Teapot shine right alongside. Take seriously and be respectful of our real lives here in the galaxy that is our home.

On Monday, Mars moves beyond its retrograde shadow! We’re moving into new territory, after having gone over the same territory three times since the spring. The time for taking action anew is here! Also on Monday, Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus in Scorpio (hidden in the underworld). So, thinking and communicating could be potent and intense for a few days.

On Wednesday night, Moon visits with Mars, shining us into Thursday’s beginning of the Moon of Form.

Hear the story in my Moon 3 Podcast(Moon 4 podcast coming this week.)

Happy Star Dancing,


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