Eagle Flies

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today, we enter the 13-day Eagle wave, here in the Moon of Motion. Coming from the Wind wave, the breaths, and speech and song of the past couple of weeks are the currents that lift us into flight, freedom of movement at the next level, not having to follow a road or path… I imagine we could all benefit from experiencing this bit of spaciousness and perspective about now!

Pluto goes direct today as well, like the Phoenix rising, bringing regeneration after the many deaths (on many levels) we’ve been going through.

Late this week, Venus in Scorpio turns retrograde, and will drop quickly from being the Evening Star in the west. Eagle dives and plunges into the depths too!

This is the rhythm ~ rising, flying, diving…

Hear more of the story in my Moon 3 Podcast.

The evening planets story is shifting now

  • Venus shines bright in the west early evenings, but will soon be gone
  • Jupiter in the southwest moving away from Zubenelgenubi (the claw of the Scorpion)
  • Saturn above the Teapot toward the south
  • Mars is shining less brightly in the southeast

All Night Stargazing is this coming Saturday! Now’s you’re chance to learn the night sky and meet the autumn and winter constellations you’ll be seeing for many months to come…

Happy Rising, Flying and Diving,


All Night Stargazing
Saturday October 6, 2018
Outside Sebastopol, CA
Watch the entire sky turning in real-time, from sundown through sunrise…
This night will change your relationship with the starry sky forever!

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