Earth’s Moon Freedom Calendar ~ Available

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

On July 26th, the new year begins in this calendar of which I write (and speak in the podcast).

The vibe is very different from the year we’ve been living, as you might already have begun to notice! The new year begins on a 13 Moon day in the Earth wave, 13 being the number of freedom. Freedom is coming, here on Earth, as we dance with Moon.

Having a printed calendar enables you to look along during the podcasts, and to see the story to come as the year unfolds. Very soon, I’ll be recording the Moon 1 and Overview of the Year podcast, so now’s the time to order your printed calendar so you can follow along on the journey about to unfold.

Earth’s Moon Freedom Year Calendar
Calendars to be shipped the end of this week

Happy Earth’s Moon Freedom to Come,


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