Earthing Freedom

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re through the growthful Seed portals now, and well into the eclipse season. Whew! What an intensive breakthrough time…

Now, we begin to ripen all this transformation into our new way of taking action and living our lives, as today we begin the 13 days of the​ Earth wave. This is a rumbling, quaking, and shifting kind of earth, where we need to navigate by synchronicity and ground for all we’re worth. This is what brings freedom, and will continue to serve as our purpose in the year to come. 

Tomorrow (Sunday) evening, Moon visits Venus for the 5th vestment, bestowing a necklace that supports us in finding the eloquence to speak our experience of what’s unfolding here in the earthly realm. Look to the west early evening for this delightful sight! Then, Moon visits Jupiter & Zubenelgenubi (next Friday and Saturday), then Saturn (a week from Tuesday) as this year comes to a close. What a grand adventure!

Venus graces the west in the early evenings. Jupiter can be seen in the south/southwest evenings, close to Zubenelgenubi. Saturn is still dancing around the Teapot. Reddish Mars is shining soooo bright in the east/southeast.

Hear much more of the story in my Moon 13 podcast.

Happy Earthing Freedom,


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