Discovering and Crafting a Life

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The past two nights, Moon visited Venus in the​ west after sunset for the 4th vestment, conferring a protective mirrored amulet for our hearts, one that reflects the world back to itself, rather than our taking everything in and living as the reflection!

Knowing our own hearts brings us to a Moment of Transformation today into tomorrow, at the center of this 260-day cycle through the 13-day waves, one that began in the Moon of Action. Our new way of being in action, and of taking action from a different place in our beings, now crystallizes.

As it does, tomorrow we begin 13 days of the Monkey wave. Monkey takes action, playfully exploring & discovering, teaching us that following our curiousity can guide us in these new ways of being in action. Life becomes craft, integrating us in the making.

Neptune turns retrograde tomorrow, so keep an eye peeled for Trickster to point out any illusions we’ve been operating under! There’s a lot of retrograde action these days (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Mars later in June), so nothing is likely to be straightforward. Let go of the forward march and allow the path take you where it will, which is likely to be re-experiencing ground you’ve already covered. There is much to be learned and reapproached in how we take action in the social world and the world of energy and spirit.

Summer Solstice dawns on Thursday, inviting us to pause (along with the Sun in its journey along the horizon) and shapeshift into beings who live in the solar system! Find your spot here on Earth and sing the Sun up and down along with the​ birds. Notice the alignments of the Sun with the hills, trees, and/or buildings in your surroundings. Wake up to where you live! This too is the beginning of the waning of the light and the shortening of the days, the turning of our attention to sunsets…

Venus is shining high and bright in the west in the early evenings. Jupiter is in the south (and will be visited by the Moon on Saturday), Saturn is now rising in the east later in the evenings, and Mars is shining very bright quite late in the evening and pre-dawn. There’s a lot going on in the sky dance…

Hear more of the unfolding story in my Moon 12 podcast.

Happy Discovering and Crafting a Life,


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