Integrating Embodiment and Perception

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

In this Year of Integration, we’ve now entered the Moon of Integration (on Wednesday), ushered in by the Moon visiting Saturn on Thursday before dawn, and the Moon about to visit Mars tomorrow (Sunday) before dawn. This brings a very strong stabilizing and solidifying force. Notice your growing inner strength amidst all that’s going on.

We’re still in the Serpent wave, a time of grounding and integrating vital energies into our bodies in a more substantial way. Move with subtly undulating power and grace. We’ve been living our way through ongoing portal days for the past 10 days. Whew! There’s been a dimensional intensity and activation around embodiment that continues our experience of getting to know the new Uranus in Taurus reality. The portals end this evening, so the intensity should calm down a bit now! Keep dancing the energy through you, the slower the better, as the Serpent wave winds down.

In the southeast in the evening, bright white Jupiter is with Zubenelgenubi, the Claw of the Scorpion, handing us a many-faceted Mirror on Tuesday that we’ll hold for 13 days, dancing reflections from its many faces seeding in us the ability to perceive many different truths, all at the same time. Now we move from transforming our embodiment into a profound perceptual transformation. Notice what unfolds…

Hear more of the story about to unfold in my Moon 12 podcast

Venus is shining high and bright in the west in the early evening. Come stargaze with us on Saturday June 16th to see Venus, Jupiter (and its moons!), the Lion, the Scorpion, and so much more! We’ll also walk Stumphenge in this near summer solstice time. Get oriented to the real world in which we actually live!

Happy Integrating Embodiment and Perception,


Upcoming Stargazing Opportunities – Near Sebastopol
Stargazing Intensive, Sat, June 16th
Evening of Stargazing, Sat, July 14th
All Night Stargazing, Sat, Oct 6th

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Basic Carving Project Day – Sat, June 30th
Make A Strop Day – Sun, July 1st

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