Storming into the Liberation of Our Humanness

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Anyone else awake until around 2am last night, when the Moon and Mars in Capricorn rose? I could tell it was going to be one of those nights… Resistance is worse than futile! The theme of shifting habits around how we approach action and doing seems to be coursing through…

Storm has been thundering and rumbling lately, activating our nervous systems so we can sense what’s dissonant and no longer serving us, and thus is ready to be dissolved and released! Thursday in the coming week, this activating release sparks our Human liberation, taking us to the next level of being embodied here on Earth in this time. Let go of what you think it means to be human, and embrace your humanness to discover what’s possible!

Hear the story of the big changes upon us, in my Moon 11 podcastLots of folks have been resonating strongly with this podcast. Just saying’. You might want to check it out…

Jupiter is at opposition (its closest & brightest), rising in the east as the Sun sets in the west, and shining all through the night as it brings expansive good fortune to our journey. Venus is shining high and bright in the west in the early evening. Mars is very bright red and yellowish Saturn is still in the vicinity (further south), lowish in the south-southeast before dawn.

New Essence Elixirs! For this sparky time of embodiment, two new essences have emerged (one of which I dosed us with in the podcast), introducing:

3 Pearls – for silky soft solidity with a fluid lightness of being
Ingredients: spring water, honey and elderflower liqueurs, and the essences of a black pearl, a white pearl, and a Total Lunar Eclipse ocean-soaked pink pearl; the three fullnesses of the Moon.

Strong Medicine – for resetting how we show up in the world(s)
Ingredients: spring water, pecan, root beer, smoked black tea, and allspice liqueurs, and the essences Total Eclipse of the Heart, 3 Pearls, and Restoring the Lizard Pond and the House of the Moon.

Happy Storming into Humanness,


Essence Elixirs
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Highly Recommended for these times:
3 Pearls, Strong Medicine, This, Total Eclipse of the Heart, and Restructuring.

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