Revolutionizing our Humanness

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re in the midst of an activating release around what it means to be Human!

There’s a party in Taurus to show us how to have a good time and let this be an amazing experience! What do you love most about being embodied?! Mercury showed up first (earlier today), then the New Moon in Taurus greets the momentous arrival of Uranus on Tuesday! This is the seeding of pleasure and havingness, with a unique twist. Feel the jolt of empowerment.

For most of the next seven years (except for early Nov – early March), Uranus will be in Taurus, sparking our awareness of ways we’ve not been free, and creating a revolutionary impulse that plays out over many years, around money, values, & havingness, as well as our spontaneous enjoyment of the pleasures of embodiment. Trust the timing of things.

High-tech Uranus brings the sudden and unexpected, uniqueness, and a revolutionary spirit, and is all about timing. Taurus likes things just as they are, takes it slow, and wants to eat and rest and enjoy what it has. Such seemingly divergent ways of being! Put them together and who knows what will emerge… Some likely themes are:

  • Money and possessions will be a major focus, but in new and unusual ways.
    You’ll likely experience a revolution in your experience of money. Start now while expansive and abundant Jupiter is still opposite in Scorpio until early November, as money and good fortune could be bestowed. Making money using technology (online approaches) is a good bet. Virtual money is likely to emerge more predominately in this era. The Bull market will likely be shocked periodically.

  • Food, food, and food, some more, will be on your mind.
    Welcome major changes in your relationship with food, for health and enjoyment. The use of technology will likely bring big changes to agriculture. A slower food revolution might find its way.
  • Sensual pleasures of embodiment abound, as we’re willing to meet them.
    Less selfies as Uranus moves out of Aries. More virtual experiences and pleasures, more dancing and walking, as ways of activating our earthed experience.
  • Earth changes keep coming. And, Human changes too.
    Pele upheaves, Earth shakes, lightening and solar winds crackle, ice melts, and weather makes new patterns. Earth demands our attention, and we are disabused of the notion that we know what will happen next, or that we as humans can control what happens next. We might even realize that we humans and our lives are not even remotely the point! The cellular/wifi/bluetooth bath of currents keeps changing our experience too, shifting us toward being a new species of human.

All these and more are likely to emerge. Watch what learning introduces itself now through November, which will then back off a bit until next spring, and then the learning and themes will begin to unfold more fully and thoroughly!

On Thursday early evening, the Crescent Moon visits Venus for the 3rd vestment, conferring a ring of power amidst an echo of the recent storm. These coming changes can be met with embodied power. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and so leads and guides us into the realm of pleasure and havingness!

Hear more in my Moon 11 podcast. Lots of folks have been resonating strongly with this podcast. You might want to check it out… Strong Medicine indeed!

Jupiter is still at opposition (its closest & brightest), rising in the east as the Sun sets in the west, and shining all through the night as it brings expansive good fortune to our journey. Venus is shining high and bright in the west in the early evening. Mars is very bright red and yellowish Saturn is still in the vicinity (further south), lowish in the south-southeast before dawn.

Happy Revolutionizing Your Humanness,


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