Serpent Portals Open the Flow

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Last week, Uranus moved into Taurus for its initial foray, sparking our awareness of ways we’ve not been free, and creating a revolutionary impulse that will play out over many years around money, values, & havingness, as well as our spontaneous enjoyment of the pleasures of embodiment. We’re just beginning to get to know ourselves anew amidst this ongoing cosmic zap that’s infusing our earthedness.​ Trust the timing in all areas of life!​

Yesterday began the 13-day Serpent wave, and today the portal between worlds opens (and stays open for 10 days), which always has an intensifying effect and brings profound transformation as other dimensions are very accessible and actively in play. Cosmic electric energy flows down and through the open-portaled Serpent-spine of our bodies & beings, undulating vitality into our experience of each moment of life here on Earth as humans being. Allow the energies to move through your body and to move you in life​…

Bringing us into even greater connection with the oceanic sky and waters, Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces, and so the serpent energy keeps going and flowing, down into our watery cenote depths, to move us from within as we dream our liberation into being, by the light of Jupiter shining all through the nights (shining with the​ Moon on Sunday night). This is not a time for being super productive! Let go and be lazy and hazy and dreamy and see where the storied journey takes you…

Venus in Cancer is opposing Saturn in Capricorn, so there may be tensions in partnerships of all kinds, and a tendency to get too serious about things. Now is not the time to focus there or make any decisions. Keep your attention on the Jupiter/Neptune energies and adjusting to the​ Uranus infusion for now.

Hear more in my Moon 11 podcast. This is a popular one, and might be worth a re-listen now that Moon 11 is drawing to a close. 

Venus is shining high and bright in the west in the early evening. Mars is very bright red and yellowish Saturn is still in the vicinity (further south), lowish in the south-southeast before dawn.

Happy Flowing with the Serpent Portal Dance,


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